About the Dinger’s

A Family Owned Business

   Me and my bro    mom and dad1

I opened Dinger’s Gold & Silver in 2010. I worked as a marketing consultant for 15 years prior to opening the first of our three storefronts. During my career as a marketing consultant, I had the opportunity to work with several gold and silver buyers. I have collected coins since the age of 10 and I found the gold and silver business very interesting so I decided to open my own store and differentiate my business from others with my knowledge of coins. Once the Plano location was open I began training my older brother, Troy who then opened our second location in Lewisville. Troy and I soon realized that without recruiting some help, we would be working 6 days a week with no time off. The solution…pull mom and dad out of retirement! After learning the business, Phil and Cheryl would begin working a day or two in both stores from time to time. Mom and dad grew to love working with our customers so much that they asked Troy and I to open a storefront in our home town of Irving and let them run that location. Of course the answer was yes . As you can see, Dinger’s Gold & Silver is truly family owned and operated and we wouldn’t have it any other way!